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You've come farther than I'd expect anyone to, ever!


What's up? I'm Jund or Olive, I'm a hopeful nihilist and kind of a hypocrite. To cut to the good shit since this website will stay fairly anonymous, (unless I tell friends about it), I don't know what direction I'm taking in life, but I see a lot of things in little things, and nearly nothing in big. I like Christmas, and I like putting buttons(?) on the bottom of this page that apply to myself. :) I'm gonna skip trying to be charming or appealing since this website will surely just be my bullshit haha.

Things I hate: And those two things I do the most, so you can see my issue here, hopefully. I grew up in a shitty trailer on the land owned by my Charles Manson-esque uncle, two adopted cousins ; one who seemed who had a broken leg and crutches since birth, and the other a bratty ginger. I had the most fun here though, and I'd do anything to go back. I currently live with my grandma in the desert despite my inner need to adventure.

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